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Shensilvers' cats have been tested and are negative for the following

FIV  (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus)

FeLV  (Feline Leukemia Virus)

PKD1  (Kidney Disease)


We are proud to announce that "Tippy" is

the #1 Silver Persian in The United States and

3rd in the World for 2013 - 2014

GC, RW Shensilvers Tipped in Silver

Pictured here on the cover of  The United Silver and Golden

Fanciers National Publication

GC, RW Shensilvers Tipped in Silver


We feed Life's Abundance food to our Silvers and after a year of feeding nothing but Life's Abundance

the jury is in.  We believe it is the best that you can feed to your cats/kittens, even your dogs :-)

Click on this Life's Abundance logo to learn more or call me at 540-660-2603 with any questions you may have.



The only 4 combs you will ever need!

These are the only 4 combs you will ever need to take great car of your Silver Persian or any other cat for that matter.

We can offer you these combs at a set price of $40.00. Individually these combs sell for over $50. You can pick up a set

with your kitten or add shipping of $5.50 for delivery to your house.  Over the years we have spent hundreds of dollars on combs to help keep our cats well groomed.  This set of two matting combs and two grooming combs are all you need to keep your cats coat in top shape.

Just send us an email to bob@shensilvers.com with a note about wanting the combs and your address.  We will handle payment by Paypal, Credit Card or a check at that time.  Or if you like you can simply call me at 540-660-2603.  You will not regret getting these combs priced better that you can find locally. The two matting combs on the left you probably will not find. They are unlike any others that we have seen.


Look on the kitten page for video's of the kittens


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  Jada's kittens are featured in the 2010 Kittens USA Magazine

Beemer's & Cookie's kittens featured in Vogue Italia, November 2011 issue.

See our kitten page for photos


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