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Care Recommendations:  Updated on 08/01/17

Taking Your Kitten Home

The most common question is what to feed your kittens when  you get them home. Follow these recommendations:

1) We will send you home with some Life's Abundance and Instinctive Choice wet food.

2) Put out the Life's Abundance dry so they can eat it at any time.

3) You can feed them about a spoonful of the Instinctive Choice one or two times per day.

4) Continue this until they are 6 months old.

5) After 6 months of age go to the feeding instructions further down on this page. 

When adoption day arrives you will be given the following items to help make the transition for your new family member as smoothly as possible.

o - Pet Carrier

o - Medical Record

o - Supply of food.  We feed them Life's Abundance and Instinctive Choice.

o - Security Blanket - Has the scent of the kitten's litter mates.  Use this blanket especially at night while sleeping to give them something familiar.

Before you come to get your kitten spend some time at home preparing your home for the kitten's arrival.  You can save yourself some anxious moments by doing the following:

1) Make sure your kitten cannot get into any type of chemicals or pest control substances. 

Animal Poison Control # 888-426-4435

2) Limit the kittens to one room when left alone and then let them branch out to the rest of the house. Remember they love to explore and they will find every hole you have in the house.  Sometimes it is not so easy to get them out. Bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms are the worst for small places to hide and dangerous chemicals. 

3) Check for access holes to hot tubs and Jacuzzis. Check around your dishwasher, refrigerator, washer and dryer.

4) Feeding your kitten:  Use a glass, ceramic or metal bowl with Life's Abundance dry in it for the kitten to graze on all day. This will help them put on some weight for good growth and health at this young age. Feed the Instinctive Choice wet food in the morning or at night, whichever fits your schedule best.  They will come to expect it at whatever time you choose to feed them. Feed the wet food once a day, a spoonful until they are 1 year old. 

 5) Things to look out for:   If your kitten is not eating, drinking, using the kitty litter, playing and grooming then something is wrong.  If your kitten has diarrhea then there is something wrong.

Remember that the kitten being sick one day is like you being sick for a week.  You cannot wait to act.

Diarrhea can be serious and should be looked at immediately.  Sometimes the move to their new home can be the cause. Take a stool sample to your vet right away to have it checked.  Do not let the diarrhea go for more than one day without being checked.

Most newly adopted kittens go home and have no problems at all.

Lastly, you should make an appointment with your Vet to have him checked as soon as you get him home.  Take a stool sample with you even if everything looks fine. They have been checked several times prior to them going to their new homes.


Food Choice

Food choice for your Silver is as important to their physical health as eating the right food is for you.  Remember that foods you buy in grocery or specialty stores are not the best because by the time you open the bag the food will already be 6 months to a year old.  The reason it is that old is because the manufacturers have to make huge batches of food in order to be able to stock these stores.  Life's Abundance is only 6 weeks old when you open the bag.    

We leave Life's Abundance dry out all day for them to graze on.      

We also feed Life's Abundance Instinctive Choice wet to the kittens and the adults in the morning or in the evening.  They really look forward to this as a treat and it is good for them.

We are including the Web Site of  Life's Abundance for you to look at if you like.  They use human grade ingredients with  no preservatives.  You can feed this holistic food for the same price as other so called premium foods even when you figure in the shipping charges.

IMPORTANT:  Wet versus dry food.  The Instinctive Choice wet is NOT to be fed as the only thing you feed your cats.  It is NOT made to be 100% of their daily needs.  A diet of just wet food can lead to dental problems, plus a cat would have to eat 3 cans of wet food per day to get their daily nutritional needs.  Life's Abundance is only available by ordering it.  That is why it is so fresh and preservative free and worth the effort. Also Life's Abundance has a 30-day money back guarantee.

Cats must have plenty of fresh water every day. It needs to be changed every day.... The bowl needs to be cleaned every day also or it becomes a germ farm....  This is important.

Just click on the Life's Abundance logo and it will take you to their website. When you get there click on cat food and place your order today.  Use autoship and you will get wholesale prices.  Don't be afraid of autoship.  This is how it works.  They send you an email 10 days in advance of the ship date.  You can change the ship date; i.e.,  you have enough food for another couple weeks so you push the ship date out two weeks.  You want to change the order;  i.e., get a bigger bag, you just change the order.  You can also order additional items.  It can be stopped at any time and you are under no obligation to continue.  If you are not satisfied with these products there is a 30-day money back guarantee.  Any questions please call me.




We use the Life's Abundance supplements and highly recommend them. 

Life's Abundance also has treats that taste good and are nutritious.


Ear Care

  You will not have to clean their ears often but if  you do Life's Abundance Ear Care Formula works great to dissolve the wax and cleans up really easy.  Brenda loves this product.


Eye Care

Silver Persians have varying degrees of eye staining.  If done as needed it takes a very short time to clean them.  If you let it go it can take a few days to a couple weeks to get them back in good shape.  This is what we do to clean the eyes: We start by cleaning their eyes from any dried tears with a Qtip using the  warm water. Once you have the eyes clean, then go on to the Eye Envy  products. We use liquid and powder. You can purchase at Amazon.com  Use either a Q-tip or makeup removal pad and saturate the stain with the  liquid.  Then use a Q-tip or  pat on some of the white powder.  Leave it on the stain and it will help to lighten the stained area. 


Your kitten has already had more than one bath and we do use a blow dryer.  I did not say they liked it but they have already been exposed to bathing and drying.    When they get dirty wash them...  I would not bathe one of our cats more than once every 2 or 3 months unless they get unusually dirty.  Some cats keep themselves so clean you may never need to bathe them.

** Before bathing your Silver make sure you have combed out ALL of the mats. See the front page of the website for the only 4 combs you will ever need for your Silver.

We use Life's Abundance Cat Shampoo and Bath Fresh Mist between shampoos.

The Process

Gather what you need.

1) Life's Abundance Cat Shampoo and Blue Dawn. It must be the Blue Dawn. Dilute the Blue Dawn by 50% with water.

2) A large towel.

3) Put on your kevlar vest, heavy leather gloves and helmet.  LOL.....  Just kidding.

Before  washing.

1) Clip their nails

2) COMB them out completely.  Any knots will become worse with washing.  BEST TO COMB THEM IN ADVANCE. Let them totally relax and then proceed. Best to do both nails and combing prior to the actual bath.  Maybe an hour or so.

3) Put them in the sink and wet the hair using luke warm water.

4) Wash them twice. Once with the diluted Blue Dawn. Rinse it out completely. Then wash with the LA shampoo and rinse thourghly.


RINSING.  Each time you rinse it has to be completely.  Rinse and then when you think you are done RINSE some more.  Not good to leave soap in their hair.  They will lick it off and it will dry their skin out.




The only 4 combs you will ever need!

The two combs on the left are made specifically for mats.  The two on the right are made for maintenance work on the coat and head.

We are making these combs available at a  price I don't  believe you can match.  The Matting combs you will probably not be able to find.

The whole set is $40 plus $7.00 shipping.  Just send a note to bob@shensilvers.com  with "Combs" in the subject line and give us your name and address and we will finalize the sale.

The combs separately sell for as follows:

From left to right: Large Mat Comb $14, Small Mat Comb $12, Small Straight Comb $9 and Large Straight Comb $11.

When you write your note just let me know if you are interested in the set or which individual combs you are interested in.

We ship immediately by 2 day Priority Mail.

Grooming guide

1) If done daily it will only take a few minutes and your Silver will enjoy the time spent with you.

2) If mats develop the matting combs will help with this.


We use  Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat for Seniors. That is all we use.

You need to at least give this litter a try.  We love it! Here the secret, you only put 2" max in the pan.  It will last two weeks before it needs to be changed.  This way it i s no more expensive than any other litter that you choose.

Go to www.preciouscat.com to check out this product.  We use no other litter in our cattery.



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